Wall Form Panel / Decking Panel

This is usually tailor made and is used for casting floor slabs, beams and walls. It is easy to assemble and dissemble and also has excellent concrete quality. As it is a large steel panel, the sub material costs can be reduced. This structure functions well and reduces risk of damages and loss of materials. Due to its large steel form , separate lifting tool is required for moving and installing it.

Steel Frame Ply Form

Wallform using plywood embedded inside the steel frame for proper alignment and durability

Film Faced Plywood

Film faced plywood Dimensions: 1,220 x 2,440,(thickness -12, 15, 18 and 21mm)
Core: poplar, hardwood, combi core and birch core
Glue: MR or WBP
Black and Brown film
Used for constructions

Steel Walers

Are useful in holding the form work in place. These are made out of 'C channels held together by welding angles as shown in the diagram the length can be increased by using splice plates.

Adustable Column Clamps

Ideally suited for a wide range of column sizes and are usable with both steel and timber shuttering. These clamps have no loose parts. Further interchange ability of arms of different sizes of column clamps makes them extremely versatile.

Range (Minimum meters) Range (Maximum meters)
300 765
450 1070
650 1370


Pipes & Tubes


Scaffolding and Formwork


Form Work