Decking Beams

It is a supportive part that holds the weight of decking materials that is placed on the deck. The decking beam is supported on both the ends by adjustable props/ standard verticals. These beams are made of 2mm/2.5mm steel sheets bent into a box type and reinforced with lattice, made of steel rods. These come in various

Infill Beams

This is a secondary element placed at right angle to decking beams and are supported by it. Ply forms, steel forms are placed on the top to support the concrete poured.

N20 Beam

Dimensions: 2500/2900/3000/3900/3980/4000/4880/5300/6000mm
(may be up to 12metres)
Core:        Radiate Pine
Material:   Hemlock, Pine etc
Adhesive: WBP( Environment Friendly)
Use:          As Supporting Parts

Adustable Telescopic Span

Size Range
(Minimum meters)
(Maximum meters)
ESO +ESI 1.75 2.70
SO+ESI 2.40 3.45
SO+SI 2.46 4.15
SO+LI 3.05 4.75
SO+LO - SI 3.15 4.90
LO-L1 3.15 5.50
The most versatile and widely used system to support slab form work. The span length is adjusted to the required length and both the ends are supported by means of adjustable props/verticals and the space between these spans can be filled using steel or plyforms to cast the slab. The spans are manufactured in various lengths. Maximum bending moment is 1040 kg.m, maximum total load is 2700 kg and factor of safety is 2:1.


Pipes & Tubes


Scaffolding and Formwork


Form Work