H-Frames are ideal as scaffolding for wall-plastering and support staging for Centring of high slabs, consists of welded frame of 40 NB Vertical and Horizontal of 40/32 NB pipe. Connected by Cross Bracings made out of angles or pipes. H-Frames are available in 2400, 2000, 1500 mm heights and 1200, 1000, 1800, 900 mm widths.

Ordering Information
Qty. (Frames): Qty. (X-Brace) :

Qty. (Base Plates) :
Spring Clips : Qty.(Frames) x 4
For height below 60 ft. 'X'-Brace to be provided
in alternate bays except bottom, top and end bays.
L = Scaffold length H = Scaffold Heighht
B = Bay Spacing h = Frame Height

Mobile Tower

Mobile Towers are made of simple cuplock scaffolding with castor wheels at the bottom to move the Tower along with manpower & materials to convenient place as required.


Props are manufactured from top quality, continuously welded steel tubes, 150 x 150 x 6mm Head and Base plates welded on to inner (40 NB) & Outer (50 NB) members, having matching holes for fastening of props on top of each other to gain additional heights. Center hole is provided to insert stirrup head fitment or U head to hold wooden or steel bearers of slab centering. Nail holes are provided in Head and Foot plates for nailing wooden runners/bearers on to props. Quick and Large adjustments in height can be made by inserting Lock pin into holes provided in the inner member and fine adjustments are made by rotating the malleable iron nut on the outer member.

Sr No. Size Closed Height Extended Height
1 2 x 1.5 2.00 3.25
2 2 x 2 2.00 3.75
3 2.5 x 2 2.50 4.25
4 3 x 3 3.00 4.75


Staircase is used by personnel to climb up to the required level to inspect, approve of the work carried out. These are usually made out of rectangular pipes and square pipes with rungs spaced at convenient heights for easy climbing. The hooks allow to hook on to the transoms to give stability to the staircase.


X 1500 2000 2500
Y 1500/2000 1500/2000 1500/2000
Z 300/350/


Pipes & Tubes


Scaffolding and Formwork


Form Work